It's been a while since I've fired up some new content!

I'd like to formally introduce myself, my name is Stephanie and I started my T-shirt company SPENT nearly 2 years ago. At the beginning, I poured endless hours into my business taking on any extra project that would help get my name out to my audience. I worked alongside bloggers, and businesses to drum up some pretty incredible projects.

I mom hard with two littles and if you ask me they are growing way too fast. Our oldest is 6 and youngest is 4. They inspire me daily to push forth with what I believe.

7 years ago I married my that seems a lot longer when you actually write it down.  He's my hype guy and laughs at every shirt I make. Thanks hunny!

I'm a sister, to be exact the baby of the fam obviously! It's the two of us. Between my sister and I was my brother, but that's another story that I'll share when I'm ready.

I want to be more active about blogging specifically keeping up with seasons, cooking, decorating, photography and local companies! I'll try most anything once and I live to explore with my little fam! 

To be completely honest we had a BIG move for my husbands job and have taken the last year to find a house, get settled and do some renos. Naturally something had to give. Family is my number 1, getting us settled into our new home, thrusting into activities along with day to day life has been a whirl wind. 

With this new chapter comes new choices. Pulling away from my clothing project happened to fall into that category. AND THAT'S OKAY! Have you ever had a day where you can't do it all because I definitely have. Yes, we are human we can wake up earlier and stay up later, we can cut back on our social experiences but at the end of the day these are things that make up who I am! (I LOVE SLEEP & PEOPLE)

Our lives for the most part have been based out of British Columbia and we recently moved to Regina, Saskatchewan! I know what you're thinking BIG CHANGE. For me, I chime into the nostalgia of my childhood growing up in St. Albert, Alberta skating outside in the winters with my mom and building snow castles with my dad. I am so excited to gift these memories of mine into a reality for my kiddos! (check back for our family video in the winter, the making of our very own home ice rink!!)

I hope you enjoy the projects to come! Keep up with decorating ideas and EASY DIY activities here!

All the Seasons All the Time!